Streamline surgical
implants billing and

Surgicloud is a cloud-based
platform that is easy to use and
organizes surgical teams before,
during, and after cases, it also helps in surgical case scheduling for hospitals.

Live Intraoperative Implant Tracking

Implants and products are logged in real-time during a case. This significantly shortens the time needed for the documentation process, reducing the time and resources needed for the billing cycle.

Surgicloud Reduce Data Errors

Reduce Data Entry Errors

Potential data entry errors are eliminated by Surgicloud’s cloud-based platform. Leveraging the cloud ensures the product numbers and pricing are consistent across all cases and team members. The built-in alignment tool ensures the key stakeholders involved with the procedure are in agreement with equipment and implants that were used and their quantity. Surgicloud makes surgical case scheduling for hospitals easier.

Streamline Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are generated quickly and shared instantly with the billing department at the manufacturer. Surgicloud will save time and resources by optimizing the process of generating purchase orders.

Data Consistency

Surgicloud acts as a bridge between the
manufacturer’s and hospital’s teams to ensure case
data is always consistent. The data consistency
eliminates the reconciliation process needed when
documentation varies between the two teams.

Surgicloud Data Consistency

Integration into EMR system

Surgicloud integrates into EMR systems, eliminating redundant data entry and ensuring data is consistent across systems.